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i am a chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries


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Chiropractic has now become synonymous with treatment of the neck and back, thanks in part to the favorable studies that have been published in the past, but Chiropractic care has a dimension that goes far beyond Musculoskeletal symptomatology.

Your body is a complex symbiotic collection of different systems that work together to achieve a status that is referred to as Homeostasis. This is performed under the direct control of the brain and its "Central Nervous System"; this is to say that all activities of the body, through its systems, are either directed by the Central nervous system or at least fed-back to it. This concept is easily understood when it comes to the actions of muscles because their mapping in the brain was simple to determine, but the same is conceivable for all the internal organs.

Because of our "Holistic" view of the body, Doctors of Chiropractic also take your functional and nutritional status into consideration when assessing your general health and fitness levels.

For my part, I completed post-graduate courses in sports medicine, and the Chiropractic treatment of physical injuries caused by trauma or exertion. This experience enables the "Chiropractic Sports Physician" to evaluate and manage in a conservative manner a great number of areas besides the spine


Sports chiro:

sports injuries

 I have been involved in the treatment of sports related injuries since the beginning of my practice. This became a stronger focus years later when I had to manage my own children's sports injuries.

In 1994 I successfully tested for a certificate as a "Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician/ Practitioner" dispensed at the time by the "American Chiropractic Association". With the knowledge gained, I became more involved with sports injuries. My main emphasis has been High School sports, and the "weekend athlete". I am NOT a team doctor, instead, I treat the athlete individually usually by referral of a coach, parent or other athlete.

Of note, I have realized that most rehabilitation techniques to deal with sports injuries can be of benefit to the traditional patient who gets injured; This is especially true of rehab exercises and the "Kinesio-taping" technique that I use frequently.

I also perform thorough "Sports Physicals" that include a "Submaximal Stress Test", a service not usually provided by other examiners.


med-legal evals:

QME & PI examinations

I have been a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) for the State of California's division of Worker's Compensation (DWC) since 2008. As such I perform "Panel QME" evaluations of injured workers when it is believed that there is an issue with their case.

Please note that I am NOT a member of any MPN (Managed Provider network), and therefore will not be a Primary Treating Physician (PTP).


I have been practicing since 1989. In my earlier years, I worked for clinics that specialized in personal injury patients. Over the course of my career, I estimate that I oversaw the treatment of over 3000 personal injury patients.

Not all cases were represented by an attorney. I treat the injuries regardless if the patient is represented or not. Also, I have gone to court many times to testify on my patients' behalf.

I know what procedures and therapies are the best to successfully treat injuries that result from traumas typical of Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs), and what specialists I need to refer to, to obtain the best multi-disciplinary outcomes.




Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) undergo at least six years of college education before they can become licensed doctors. Yet, the Art of Chiropractic Manipulation, the "Adjustment", may appear deceivingly simple in its application. This is because Doctors of Chiropractic don't just "crack" or move the bones of the spine and extremities. They "reset" the proper function of the nervous system by eliminating the irritations to the nerve roots produced by "Subluxations", or vertebral misalignments. These Subluxations affect all regions of the body because they occur at all levels of the spine. This is why Chiropractors can also treat certain ailments through the art of the Adjustment.


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You have just reached the Professional website of Marc E. Poli DC, CCSP, QME (CA), Chiropractor.


We are located in Buena Park (adjacent to Fullerton & Anaheim), California and can be accessed easily from the 5 or 91 freeways.

Dr. Poli practices traditional chiropractic techniques by performing the Adjustment of Subluxations manually. His sub-specialties are Chiropractic sports medicine, and Worker's Compensation evaluations. His motto has been: "We have hands on experience", and he will provide you with the best personal care.

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Mon-Thu 10am to 7pm, Fri/Sat 10am to 3pm, closed Sunday

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